Muslims Baby Names with Meanings.

Islamic babies names - Cool and attractive Islamic born baby names of child's. Top Muslims name list and its meanings with lucky number and origin. Correct spelling of Islamic baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in Urdu, Hindi and English.

Hindu baby girl names starting with O

Omera  ♀  Girl One who posses an inspiring and great personality, enjoys having a positive attitude Detail
Oma  ♀  Girl Thriving Detail
Obaidiyah  ♀  Girl Bonds Woman of Allah Detail
Ohelah  ♀  Girl Tent Detail
Ojala  ♀  Girl Light, sunshine Detail
Oldooz  ♀  Girl Star, A Persian-Azerbaijani Name Detail
Orah  ♀  Girl Light Detail
Orna  ♀  Girl Pine tree, Cedar tree Detail
Orwiya  ♀  Girl Female Mountain Goat Detail
Orzala  ♀  Girl Brightness of Fire Detail
Ozra  ♀  Girl Virgin, Virgin Mary Detail
Ozza  ♀  Girl A Baby Fawn, Young Female Detail
Oreeda  ♀  Girl Favorite, Beloved, Adored Detail
Obioma  ♀  Girl Kind hearted Detail
Ofira  ♀  Girl Gold Detail
Owaiba  ♀  Girl “one who repents”, “one who always goes back to God” Detail
Oraibia  ♀  Girl “keen”, “perceptive”, “intelligent” Detail
Oraiba  ♀  Girl “keen”, “discerning”, “intelligent” Detail
Onaifa  ♀  Girl “dignified”, “one who has self-respect” Detail
Onaysa  ♀  Girl “good friend”, “one who brings peace and calm to the heart” Detail
Omaimiya  ♀  Girl “kind and loving like a mother” Detail
Omniati  ♀  Girl “my hope”, the second one means “my hopes” Detail
Oyaina  ♀  Girl “one who has large eyes”, “one who has beautiful eyes” Detail
Owaiqiba  ♀  Girl “reward”, “recompense for good deeds” Detail
Owaiza  ♀  Girl “replacement”, something that takes the place of another thing Detail
Owaidat  ♀  Girl “one who visits the sick to console them”, “one who returns” Detail
Owaria  ♀  Girl “water well”, a well that provides drinking water Detail
Ohda  ♀  Girl “responsibility”, “trusteeship”, “guardianship”, “custody”, “care” Detail
Onsiyah  ♀  Girl “one who brings calm and gladness to the heart” Detail
Oula  ♀  Girl “first”, “foremost”, it is the feminine of Awwal Detail


Muslims Baby Names.

 ♀  Yashfa
 ♀  Parishay
 ♂  Shuraim
 ♀  Anamta
 ♂  Shahwaiz
 ♀  Irha
 ♀  Aminah
 ♀  Hoorab
 ♀  Rubaisha
 ♀  Mirha
 ♀  Zimal
 ♀  Hoorain
 ♂  Alqama
 ♀  Alaya
 ♂  Qabos
 ♂  Maakuf
 ♂  Shaghaaf
 ♀  Zabeebat
 ♀  Minsa
 ♀  Yashfaa
 ♀  Irsa
 ♂  Anzik
 ♂  Yousuf
 ♀  Affera
 ♀  Golara
 ♀  Kanval
 ♀  Irhaa
 ♀  Afeera
 ♀  Abrish
 ♀  Fariah
 ♂  Zulqarnain
 ♀  Arsheen
 ♂  Aliyan
 ♂  Mikaal
 ♀  Rabail
 ♀  Anoushey
 ♀  Noorain
 ♂  Zulkifal
 ♀  Mehmal
 ♀  Shanzay
 ♀  Hifza
 ♀  Sibgha
 ♂  Abou Ali
 ♀  Mahdiya
 ♂  Nashr ullah