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Greek babies names - Our database contain huge name list of Greek baby names for girls and boys. Cool and attractive Greek born baby names of Greek child's. Top Greek name list and its meanings with lucky number, origin and how to pronounced. Correct spelling of Greek baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in English.

Aigneis  ♀  Girl Gaelic forms of Agnes. Detail
Evania  ♀  Girl meaning goodness. Peaceful. Detail
Evgenia  ♀  Girl Well born. Detail
Alcina  ♀  Girl Feminine of Alcinous. Detail
Catalin  ♀  Girl Pure. Clear. Detail
Aldora  ♀  Girl Winged gift. Detail
Catheryn  ♀  Girl Pure. Clear. Detail
Caycee  ♀  Girl Abbreviation of Acacia meaning guileless. Detail
Alexandrea  ♀  Girl Feminine of Alexander. defender of mankind. Detail
Alexandrina  ♀  Girl A feminine form of Alexander meaning defender of men, used in Britain since early 13th century; it became popular after the 1863 marriage of future King Edward VII to Princess Alexandra of denmark. Detail
Alexine  ♀  Girl Helper; defender. Detail
Cleopatra  ♀  Girl Antony anD Cleopatra'. Queen of Egypt anD Mark Antony's lover. Detail
Andreana  ♀  Girl Feminine of Andrew meaning manly. Detail
Clymene  ♀  Girl Mother of Atalanta. Detail
Anezka  ♀  Girl Gentle. Detail
Corella  ♀  Girl Maiden. Detail
Annice  ♀  Girl Greek Agnes,Poor, pure, or chaste. St. Agnes was a 3rD century Christian martyr whose January 21st feast Day is DescribeD in Keats' poem 'The Eve of St Agnes'. Detail
Cybele  ♀  Girl Mythological nature goddess worshiped as the Great Mother in Asia Minor. The mother of all gods and men and wild nature. Often kept company by lions. Identified with Rhea by the Greeks; with Maia and Ceres by the Romans. Detail
Apollina  ♀  Girl From Apdlo. Detail
Gregoria  ♀  Girl Watchful. Detail

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