Arabic baby names for girls and boys

Arabic babies names - Our database contain huge name list of Arabic baby names for girls and boys. Cool and attractive Arabic born baby names of Muslims child's. Top Muslims name list and its meanings with lucky number and origin. Correct spelling of Arabic baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in Urdu, Hindi and English.

Jazilah  ♀  Girl “great”, “majestic” Detail
Jazilaa  ♀  Girl “great”, “tremendous” Detail
Jafurah  ♀  Girl “river” Detail
Jafeerah  ♀  Girl “river”, “stream” Detail
Habat  ♀  Girl “mass of clouds that hover close to the land” Detail
Harzanah  ♀  Girl “protector”, “guardian” Detail
Hazmiyah  ♀  Girl “resolute”, “determined” Detail
Hazeemah  ♀  Girl “wise”, “intelligent” Detail
Hishmah  ♀  Girl “modesty”, “reserve”, “virtue” Detail
Hashimah  ♀  Girl “modest”, “virtuous”, “reserved” Detail
Hushaimah  ♀  Girl “modesty”, “reserve”, “virtue” Detail
Halaa  ♀  Girl “[it/he/she/] became sweet”, figuratively meaning “sweet”, “cute”, “adorable” Detail
Halawah  ♀  Girl “sweetness” Detail
Hulwi  ♀  Girl “sweet” Detail
Hammatah  ♀  Girl “extremely sweet”, “extremely good in quality” Detail
Hamasah  ♀  Girl “zeal”, “eagerness”, “ardency”, “keenness” Detail
Hamziyyah  ♀  Girl “one who is like a lioness” Detail
Hansaa  ♀  Girl “brave warrior” Detail
Hanwa  ♀  Girl “brave warrior” ( bahadur jangjoo ) Detail
Haydaraa  ♀  Girl “lioness” Detail

Arabic Kid's or Children cool and Attractive names and its meanings in English, in Urdu , in Arabic. Huge Names database of Muslims baby names.
Arabic names and meanings. Arabic names for girls - Feminine. Arabic names for boys - males. Arabic latest baby names. Arabic names and meanings and their lucky numbers.Arabic baby names.

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 ♂  Mutsawashe
 ♀  November
 ♂  Djenkely
 ♀  Coutney
 ♀  Desmarie
 ♀  Aurihanna
 ♂  Benami
 ♂  DeHaldrell
 ♀  Averyonna
 ♀  Alizabeth
 ♀  Enzley
 ♀  Phonix
 ♀  Autumn Rayne
 ♀  Duyana
 ♀  Ioanna
 ♀  Kezor
 ♀  Esdee
 ♀  Kopper
 ♀  Safeya
 ♀  Rhianedd
 ♀  Rimvile
 ♀  Soanya
 ♂  Thetus
 ♀  TiRajae
 ♀  Zabeebat
 ♀  Eleesa
 ♀  McKynsie
 ♀  Paulyna
 ♀  Romya
 ♀  Timberlee
 ♂  Sedgli
 ♀  Saade
 ♀  Tzipora
 ♀  Irsa
 ♀  Shardaejah
 ♀  Naeiomi
 ♂  Aashrith
 ♀  TyKezia
 ♀  Mykenzy
 ♀  Manideepa
 ♀  Quismara
 ♀  Nisanur
 ♀  Kezmie
 ♀  Zriah
 ♂  Aodh
 ♂  Mrithun