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Arabic babies names - Our database contain huge name list of Arabic baby names for girls and boys. Cool and attractive Arabic born baby names of Muslims child's. Top Muslims name list and its meanings with lucky number and origin. Correct spelling of Arabic baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in Urdu, Hindi and English.

Maskun  ♂  Boy “inhabited”, “occupied”, “lived in” Detail
Shifaullah  ♂  Boy “God’s healing”, “healing that comes from God” Detail
Bashur  ♂  Boy “bringer of good news” Detail
Miski  ♂  Boy “like musk” (one smells good like musk) Detail
Shafaqatullah  ♂  Boy “God’s mercy”, “God’s sympathy and pity for humans” Detail
Musallat  ♂  Boy “powerful”, “supreme”, “dominant” Detail
Shafeei  ♂  Boy “healed”, “cured” Detail
Musnad  ♂  Boy “a saying of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah upon him) that can be traced back to the Prophet himself through a reliable chain of narrators Detail
Bikr  ♂  Boy “virgin” Detail
Seneen  ♂  Boy “years”, being the plural of sanah (“year”) Detail
Bazigh  ♂  Boy “shining”, “radiating light” Detail
Suloof  ♂  Boy “advancement”, “to get ahead of others”, “to race others” Detail
Musallim  ♂  Boy “obedient”, “submissive”, “compliant” Detail
Saloof  ♂  Boy “one who gets ahead of others”, “one who advances often” Detail
Muslimani  ♂  Boy “Muslim man”, “Muslim boy” Detail
Musnid  ♂  Boy “one who relies on something” Detail
Saloom  ♂  Boy “safe and sound”, “without fault”, “without injury” Detail
Solwi  ♂  Boy “consolation”, “comfort” Detail
Masoodan  ♂  Boy “one selected by a group of people to be their chief and leader” Detail
Muslimi  ♂  Boy “Muslim”, “like a Muslim”, it is an attribution to the word Muslim Detail

Arabic Kid's or Children cool and Attractive names and its meanings in English, in Urdu , in Arabic. Huge Names database of Muslims baby names.
Arabic names and meanings. Arabic names for girls - Feminine. Arabic names for boys - males. Arabic latest baby names. Arabic names and meanings and their lucky numbers.Arabic baby names.

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 ♀  Zabeebat
 ♀  Eleesa
 ♀  McKynsie
 ♀  Paulyna
 ♀  Romya
 ♀  Timberlee
 ♀  Saade
 ♂  Sedgli
 ♀  Tzipora
 ♀  Irsa
 ♀  Shardaejah
 ♀  Naeiomi
 ♂  Aashrith
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