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French babies names - Our database contain huge name list of French baby names for girls and boys. Cool and attractive French born baby names of French child's. Top French name list and its meanings with lucky number, origin and how to pronounced. Correct spelling of French baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in English.

Emblem  ♀  Girl Hardworking., from an Old German variant of Emmeline. Detail
Emblyn  ♀  Girl Hardworking., from an Old German variant of Emmeline. Detail
Emelyn  ♀  Girl Hardworking., from an Old German variant of Emmeline. Detail
Emmeline  ♀  Girl InDustrious. HarDworking. From the OlD French Ameline, DeriveD from OlD German 'amal' meaning labor. Famous bearer: British suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst. Detail
Alaine  ♀  Girl dear child. Detail
Evonna  ♀  Girl Archer.from Yves. Detail
Evony  ♀  Girl Archer.from Yves. Detail
Fanchon  ♀  Girl Free. Freedom. Free one. Detail
Fantine  ♀  Girl Childlike. Detail
Alexandrine  ♀  Girl Feminine form Alexandre. Detail
Alisanne  ♀  Girl Detail
Fayanna  ♀  Girl Also a, meaning: Confidence; trust; belief. Detail
Allyson  ♀  Girl Detail
Charlotta  ♀  Girl Feminine of Charles meaning manly. Detail
Alsatia  ♀  Girl From Alsace - a region in France. Detail
Alyson  ♀  Girl Honest. Detail
Cherise  ♀  Girl dear one; darling. Detail
Ambrosina  ♀  Girl Feminine forms of the Greek Ambrose. Detail
Christiane  ♀  Girl Follower of Christ. Detail
Amia  ♀  Girl Beloved. dearly loved. Detail

French, Germanic Kid's or Children cool and Attractive names and its meanings in English. Huge Names database of French, Germanic baby names of Girls and Boys.
French names and meanings. French names for girls - Feminine. French names for boys - males. French latest baby names. French names and meanings and their lucky numbers.French baby names.

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 ♀  Saade
 ♂  Sedgli
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 ♀  Irsa
 ♀  Shardaejah
 ♀  Naeiomi
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