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Arabic babies names - Our database contain huge name list of Arabic baby names for girls and boys. Cool and attractive Arabic born baby names of Muslims child's. Top Muslims name list and its meanings with lucky number and origin. Correct spelling of Arabic baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in Urdu, Hindi and English.

Samaanah  ♀  Girl “one who hears”, “one who listens”, “one who is a good listener” Detail
Ausaq  ♀  Girl “loads”, such as the load carried by a ship or carriage, or the load of fruit borne by a palm tree Detail
Mueidah  ♀  Girl “skilled”, “experienced”, “sagacious” Detail
Samyaa  ♀  Girl “high in status and rank”, “exalted”, “honored” Detail
Injeela  ♀  Girl “messenger”, therefore Injeela means “female messenger”, “female message-bearer” Detail
Makrumah  ♀  Girl “generous” Detail
Samiyyan  ♀  Girl “high in status and rank”, “exalted” Detail
Makramah  ♀  Girl “generosity”, “honor”, “respect” Detail
Eihaa  ♀  Girl “to inspire”, “to communicate with someone without direct speech” Detail
Mukarramah  ♀  Girl “respected”, “honored” Detail
Senbal  ♀  Girl “spike”, the part of a cereal plant from which the grains grow Detail
Mughithah  ♀  Girl “savior”, “rescuer” Detail
Sunnah  ♀  Girl “the Prophet’s traditions” (peace and blessings of Allah upon him), meaning his sayings and reports from others about his deeds Detail
Zuwaila  ♀  Girl “floret” (“small flower”) Detail
Sannah  ♀  Girl “female leopard”, “female bear” Detail
Zaweela  ♀  Girl Motion, Activity Detail
Miftahah  ♀  Girl “key” Detail
Sandah  ♀  Girl “to depend upon”, “to refer to” Detail
Mufazzilah  ♀  Girl “extremely honorable”, “extremely generous” Detail
Bazigha  ♀  Girl “shining like the sun”, “radiating light” Detail

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Arabic names and meanings. Arabic names for girls - Feminine. Arabic names for boys - males. Arabic latest baby names. Arabic names and meanings and their lucky numbers.Arabic baby names.

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