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Arabic babies names - Our database contain huge name list of Arabic baby names for girls and boys. Cool and attractive Arabic born baby names of Muslims child's. Top Muslims name list and its meanings with lucky number and origin. Correct spelling of Arabic baby Names. Kids all new and old name meanings in Urdu, Hindi and English.

Rahumah  ♀  Girl “kind”, “merciful”, “compassionate” Detail
Oraibia  ♀  Girl “keen”, “perceptive”, “intelligent” Detail
Muhlah  ♀  Girl “leniency”, “forbearance” Detail
Ruhaibah  ♀  Girl “vast expanse of land”, “great open area of land” Detail
Oraiba  ♀  Girl “keen”, “discerning”, “intelligent” Detail
Rahimaa  ♀  Girl “compassionate”, “merciful” Detail
Nawat  ♀  Girl “leniency”, “forbearance” Detail
Awbia  ♀  Girl One who repents, One who always returns to God’s obedience Detail
Muhannaa  ♀  Girl “congratulated”, “well greeted”, “given good tidings” Detail
Onaifa  ♀  Girl “dignified”, “one who has self-respect” Detail
Raheebah  ♀  Girl “generous”, “openhearted” Detail
Muhannah  ♀  Girl “congratulated”, “well greeted”, “given good tidings” Detail
Anifa  ♀  Girl Dignified, One who has self-respect Detail
Rakhaa  ♀  Girl “ease”, “luxury”, “ease of living”, “abundance of money” Detail
Mahulah  ♀  Girl “gorgeous”, “extremely beautiful” Detail
Onaysa  ♀  Girl “good friend”, “one who brings peace and calm to the heart” Detail
Rukhaa  ♀  Girl “soft breeze” Detail
Mawaadah  ♀  Girl “love”, “affection” Detail
Rizqaa  ♀  Girl “provision”, “gift”, “blessing” Detail
Mawjudah  ♀  Girl “existing”, “existent”, “actual”, “accessible”, “obtainable” Detail

Arabic Kid's or Children cool and Attractive names and its meanings in English, in Urdu , in Arabic. Huge Names database of Muslims baby names.
Arabic names and meanings. Arabic names for girls - Feminine. Arabic names for boys - males. Arabic latest baby names. Arabic names and meanings and their lucky numbers.Arabic baby names.

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 ♀  Zabeebat
 ♀  Eleesa
 ♀  McKynsie
 ♀  Paulyna
 ♀  Romya
 ♀  Timberlee
 ♀  Saade
 ♂  Sedgli
 ♀  Tzipora
 ♀  Irsa
 ♀  Shardaejah
 ♀  Naeiomi
 ♂  Aashrith
 ♀  TyKezia
 ♀  Mykenzy
 ♀  Manideepa
 ♀  Quismara
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 ♀  Kezmie
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