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Benami  ♂  Boy Son of the people. Detail
Piotr  ♂  Boy Rock Detail
Bethnimrah  ♂  Boy House of the leopard. Detail
Elian  ♂  Boy My Lord responded Detail
Kathy  ♀  Girl Chaste, pure Detail
Naamah  ♀  Girl Agreeable, lovely Detail
Illyricum  ♂  Boy The lyric band. Detail
Frescura  ♀  Girl Freshness. Detail
Shoshana  ♀  Girl Lily Detail
Blanka  ♀  Girl The white one Detail
Raquel  ♀  Girl Sheep's friend Detail
Carlie  ♂  Boy Small champion. Detail
Esbjorn  ♂  Boy Bear of God. Detail
Honovi  ♂  Boy Strong. Detail
Iaokim  ♂  Boy God will estahlish. Detail
Jehaleleel  ♂  Boy God is praised. Detail
denman  ♂  Boy Resident of a valley. Detail
Adisa  ♂  Boy The lucid one Detail
deirdra  ♀  Girl Melancholy. Aolder name deirdre. In Celtic legend deirdre died of a broken heart. Detail
Wynifred  ♀  Girl Peaceful. Detail
Hirschel  ♂  Boy deer Detail
Tyler  ⚥  Unisex Tile maker Detail
Ethna  ♀  Girl Graceful. Detail
Hester  ♀  Girl Star. Myrtle leaf. A Latinized form of Esther. Esther was a young Hebrew woman in the bible who married the Persian ruler Xerxes and risked her life to save her people. Detail
Alda  ♀  Girl Old but graceful Detail
Alexei  ♂  Boy defender of man Detail
Coletun  ♂  Boy From the dark town. Detail
Moody  ♂  Boy Arrogance Detail
Margot  ♀  Girl Pearl Detail
Kauldi  ♂  Boy Lame. Detail
Jakayla  ♀  Girl Chaste, pure Detail
Kong  ♂  Boy Sky, heaven Detail
Halloesh  ♂  Boy Saying nothing; an enchanter. Detail
Matchitisiw  ♂  Boy He has bad character. Detail
Zsuzsa  ♀  Girl Lily Detail
Casidhe  ♂  Boy Clever. Detail
Maria  ♀  Girl ماریہBitter or sea of bitterness, Tamanna aur chaahat karnay wali Detail
Bjomolf  ♂  Boy Bear wolf. Detail
Elvis  ♂  Boy Elf friend Detail
donatello  ♂  Boy donated Detail
Anaya  ♀  Girl انیCaring, Guardian, Protector Detail
Gull  ♀  Girl Goddess Detail
Talulla  ♀  Girl Wealthy princess Detail
Hovan  ♂  Boy GoD's gift. Detail
Vairocana  ♀  Girl King of the demons. Detail
Brisa  ♀  Girl Unclear Detail
Sadducees  ♂  Boy Followers of Sadoc, or Zadok. Detail
Geniinewab  ♂  Boy One who is sitting like an eagle Detail
Isaurus  ♂  Boy Hailing from a place called Isauria Detail
Crombwiella  ♂  Boy Lives by the winding stream. Detail
Abbe  ♂  Boy Nobleman Detail
Beitris  ♀  Girl Voyager Detail
Guilbert  ♂  Boy Trusted. Detail
Yisrael  ♂  Boy To struggle with God Detail
darshana  ♀  Girl To see and behold Detail
Elisai  ♂  Boy God is my savior; God is my salvation. Detail
Ina  ♀  Girl Unclear Detail
Max  ♂  Boy The great Detail
Fargo  ♂  Boy Cobbler or shoe maker Detail
Leilani  ♀  Girl Heavenly woman Detail
Analise  ♀  Girl Grace or devoted to God. Detail
Adamo  ♂  Boy Man Detail
Afua  ♀  Girl Friday born child Detail
Goran  ♂  Boy Farming man Detail
Abarrane  ♀  Girl Mother of multitude Detail
Agot  ♀  Girl Good-hearted Detail
demyan  ♂  Boy A tamer Detail
dike  ♀  Girl Woman of justice Detail
Hiraldo  ♂  Boy Powerful man in the army Detail
Sawyers  ♂  Boy Son of Sawyer. Detail
Holwell  ♂  Boy Lives by the holy spring. Detail
Brooklyn  ♀  Girl From the land of the broken Detail
Barlow  ♂  Boy Clearing of barley Detail
Marfa  ♀  Girl Lady of the house Detail
Walmond  ♂  Boy One who protects others in battle Detail
Abdiel  ♂  Boy Servant of God Detail
Bedelia  ♀  Girl Powerful, strong Detail
Franco  ♂  Boy French man Detail
Neva  ♀  Girl Leader of the tribe Detail
Pentecost  ♂  Boy Fiftieth. Detail
Axayacatl  ♂  Boy Water-faced Detail
Chikelu  ⚥  Unisex Created by God Detail
Audrey  ⚥  Unisex Of noble strength Detail
Chidubem  ♂  Boy God is my guide Detail
Fabiola  ♀  Girl Lovely bean Detail
Tecumseh  ♂  Boy From one place to another Detail
Teppo  ♂  Boy Man with crown Detail
Sheryl  ♀  Girl darling, beloved Detail
Bialas  ♂  Boy White; white haired. Detail
Ephie  ♀  Girl Well spoken. Detail
Aapo  ♂  Boy Father of many nations Detail
Talin  ♀  Girl Unclear Detail
Vanir  ♂  Boy A mythical god of rain. Detail
Meyshawn  ♂  Boy God is merciful Detail
Stephen  ♂  Boy Man with crown Detail
Ulrik  ♂  Boy Rich heritage Detail
Aidan  ⚥  Unisex ایداںTall palm tree Detail
Aiken  ♂  Boy Made from oak trees Detail
Aiyana  ♀  Girl Endless beauty Detail
Caitriona  ♀  Girl Chaste, pure Detail


Top 50 Christan Names.

 ♂  Benami
 ♂  Piotr
 ♂  Bethnimrah
 ♂  Elian
 ♀  Kathy
 ♀  Naamah
 ♂  Illyricum
 ♀  Frescura
 ♀  Shoshana
 ♀  Blanka
 ♀  Raquel
 ♂  Carlie
 ♂  Esbjorn
 ♂  Honovi
 ♂  Iaokim
 ♂  Jehaleleel
 ♂  denman
 ♂  Adisa
 ♀  deirdra
 ♀  Wynifred
 ♂  Hirschel
 ⚥  Tyler
 ♀  Ethna
 ♀  Hester
 ♀  Alda
 ♂  Alexei
 ♂  Coletun
 ♂  Moody
 ♀  Margot
 ♂  Kauldi
 ♀  Jakayla
 ♂  Kong
 ♂  Halloesh
 ♂  Matchitisiw
 ♀  Zsuzsa
 ♂  Casidhe
 ♀  Maria
 ♂  Bjomolf
 ♂  Elvis
 ♂  donatello
 ♀  Anaya
 ♀  Gull
 ♀  Talulla
 ♂  Hovan
 ♀  Vairocana
 ♀  Brisa
 ♂  Sadducees
 ♂  Geniinewab

Christan Baby Names

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