abhorrence meaning in Urdu

abhorrence Meaning in Urdu. All similar words meaning in Urdu.

WordMeanings in Urdu
abhorrence گھن ۔ حقارت ۔ نفرت ۔ کراہیت ۔

We are providing lots of new English words or old word meaning in Urdu language. Just type your desire word in field and get the meaning. abhorrence meaning in Urdu - گھن ۔ حقارت ۔ نفرت ۔ کراہیت ۔ meaning in English. گھن ۔ حقارت ۔ نفرت ۔ کراہیت ۔ ka matlab kia ha. abhorrence ka Urdu main Matlab.

All English language Smiler Words.

abhor abhorrence abhorrent abominateabhor abhorred abhors

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