abominateabhor meaning in Urdu

abominateabhor Meaning in Urdu. All similar words meaning in Urdu.

WordMeanings in Urdu
abominateabhor کراہیت کرنا

We are providing lots of new English words or old word meaning in Urdu language. Just type your desire word in field and get the meaning. abominateabhor meaning in Urdu - کراہیت کرنا meaning in English. کراہیت کرنا ka matlab kia ha. abominateabhor ka Urdu main Matlab.

All English language Smiler Words.

abominable abominateabhor abominations abominably abomination abominate atomic bomb bombard bombardier bombardment bombasin bombastic bombyx bomb bombayduck bombast bombarding bom bombings bombs

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